About Us


We are a lifestyle brand influenced by adventure & looking to inspire people to take action. We want to inspire others to get out there, make your mark on the world, and enjoy the journey! But what does all of that mean? We believe it’s a big beautiful world and we want to leave a positive impact on it!

Explore, learn, and take action.

Tacana was founded by former missionaries looking to serve others. Here at Tacana, we want to make a difference, and your purchases help us do that!


When you support Tacana you are:

  • Making a difference around the world by helping non-profit organizations
  • Raising awareness of the need (and beauty) around the world

While we encourage you to take action, we are committed to take action as well. Follow us on Instagram @Tacanacl to stay updated on how your support is making an impact.


- The Tacana team.