About Us

In 2014, I was struggling with some heavy things, full of uncertainty, and doubt. Then all of a sudden, I was struck with an opportunity that would forever change my life. I took the plunge into the unknown and began my journey. A journey serving communities in the beautiful country of Guatemala.


Since then, I’ve traveled to hundreds of rural communities and villages across this vibrant country. I’ve been out of my comfort zone, pushed to emotional and physical limits, and it was all worth it. I have found myself with people who, despite their circumstance, appreciated the beauty of where they’re at. This taught me that even though sometimes life is hard, we can always enjoy the journey.


No matter where we live, what we do, or how much money we have, we are all on a journey - and we need to enjoy it!


During my time, I learned that enjoying your life is not a thing that is bought or achieved, but it is something that you try bring with you wherever you go.


This is why we created Tacana. Traveling, building relationships, and enjoying the journey wherever it may take us in life.


If you look at the scapes of a mountain, you can see both the peeks and the valleys. Much like life, we have peaks and valleys as well. It isn’t that one is better than the other, but that you cannot appreciate one without the other. This is a community for encouragement, exploration, and opportunity. We are excited for the place we are going, and were excited for where you're going too. (Share your adventures with us!)


Our hope is that with your support that we would get our brand to the point that we would be able to serve people in need (in Guatemala and BEYOND). We are so thankful for our journey and owe everything to our supporters that help us!


- The Tacana team.