Have you found your purpose in life?


In 2014, I was struck with an opportunity that would forever change my life. At the start of that year I was struggling with some heavy things, full of uncertainty, and doubt. I felt that I was at a crossroad. Not having anything to lose, I took the plunge into the unknown and began my journey serving in the beautiful country of Guatemala.

Since then, I’ve spent much of my time in multiple rural communities and villages across this vibrant country of mine. When I started this journey at the age of 16, I found myself way out of my comfort zone all for the sake of trying to care for others. I realized that there is a deep need for us to get our minds straight, to stop complaining, overthinking, and to be grateful for the opportunities we’ve been given.

We all have the opportunity to be a part of something bigger and much more meaningful, but the question is, will we take it?

This is why we created Tacana. Traveling through the mountains of Guatemala, building relationships, and trying to serve the needs of others is part of who we are.

Tacana was created to show-case the beauty that nature has to offer to the world. Guatemala is a beautiful country with astonishing landscapes, great hearted people, and a resiliency that is unmatched. It is these attributes that inspire our brand.

Our hope is that with your support that we would be able to continue to remain committed to our true calling, serving communities in need. We are beyond thankful for our journey and owe everything to our supporters that help us continue to serve others.

- The Tacana team.